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Organise your wardrobe today!

De-cluttering your wardrobe may sound like a horrible chore for some. However, with these few tips, it will be as easy as ABC.
ST701 Editorial Team - September 24, 2008
By: Alison Ong
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Organise your wardrobe today!

I’m sure many of us are guilty of a bursting wardrobe. I am not going to deny that I am one of those who keep adding on to the clutter in my wardrobe without ever clearing any of it. I have clothes purchased years ago that has been in the same position for as long as I can remember, untouched. Yet, I always can’t seem to find outfits to wear! I have had countless attempts of clearing the clutter, but I feel so engulfed and suffocated halfway through that I just give up. Most of the time, I end up merely rearranging them just to make space for my new purchases.

Sounds familiar? Then, it is about time you get down to organizing your wardrobe. I have finally gotten right down to it, and I must admit, it was a therapeutic experience.

Why don’t you start yours today? Honestly, the hardest bit is simply getting started. I have some real simple closet solutions and tips to help you.

  • First and foremost, get everything out of that closet for sorting. Get yourself 3 boxes, label them Keep, Mend and Give. Be honest with what you like to keep or throw and sort your clothes according to the labels. Put only garments that you have worn and liked within the past year into the Keep box and keepers that need mending into Mend. Anything that you have put on, said “Yucks” and promptly put away is a goner. Do not look in this box again, and never take any of the clothes out. You will forget you owned them within a week.

  • Once everything is sorted, create more space in your wardrobe. Multi-level rods provide twice as much space while closet door hooks are great for accessories.

  • With the additional space, it’s time to organize your stuff. You can organize your clothes according to colour, formal or casual wear - anything that works best for you. Belts and ties can be neatly hung over hangers, jewelry in boxes and closet door multi-hooks for bags, scarves and hats.

  • Stack clothes that do not belong on hangers, folded neatly in your drawers and organized by type and colour.

  • Shoes belong only in the shoe cabinet. If you possess one too many pairs of shoes which always end up messily strewn around, leave them in their original boxes and label them. Alternatively, take a Polaroid of it and stick it outside their boxes so that you can have a clear view of the box contents without resorting to opening every box and messing up your shoe cabinet.

Walk through these simple steps, feel the mighty sense of accomplishment and say hello to your new closet. De-cluttered with plenty of space to welcome your new buys, you can now find your stuff without rummaging through everything like a needle in the haystack!


Organize your wardrobe today!