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Miss Japan contestants mocked for being "too ugly" by Koreans

The latest controversy to erupt from the pageant circuit is from the Miss Japan 2013 line-up.
Asia One - July 4, 2013
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Miss Japan contestants mocked for being "too ugly" by Koreans

According to anime website Sankaku Complex on June 22, contestants were criticised for being "too ugly" and "just natural" by Korean detractors.

This is in contrast to a recent Korean pageant, where contestants were mocked for looking identical thanks to make-up and rumoured plastic surgery.

The website also reported that Japanese netizens were weak in their attempts at defending the pageant contestants, with comments ranging from "natural isn't that bad", "they do all look totally average, don't they?" to "at least it's not a spot-the-difference competition this time."

At the Miss Hong Kong 2013 auditions in June, online media sources also criticised the girls for being less than average in the looks department. According to a Mingpao report, the first audition had a number of candidates, but the actual ones who had passing good looks were only a handful. The majority were considered "weird" looking.


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