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Lose weight, don’t lose heart!

Shed those kilos the healthy way
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - February 10, 2011
By: Sheila Lim
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Lose weight, don’t lose heart!

How do families celebrate a happy occasion? What do friends usually do when catching up with each other? What do people normally do during corporate functions and seminars? The answers to all these questions are one and the same – eat.

No wonder it’s so easy to gain weight, and extremely challenging to lose it! 

But it’s not only the easy accessibility to food and the abundance of it that makes losing weight so challenging. There’ll also be a number of setbacks along the way to dissolve your resolve. You might fall sick, or have to cope with mounting work pressures and family commitments; and when you feel stressed or depressed, there’s a tendency to revert to old habits or seek solace in food. 

Plan for success

You can’t simply plunge headlong into a weight-loss programme and expect to succeed.

Many of us fail in our quest to lose weight mainly because we don’t realise how difficult it is to break old habits and adhere to new ones, and do not set clear and realistic goals for ourselves.

The key is to make sustainable changes instead of adopting an all-or-nothing approach. Begin by setting achievable, short-term goals. This will make it easier for you to stick to your plans, and counter the negativity that comes with not being able to accomplish goals that are far too daunting.

Eat’s easier this way

Find a suitable diet plan that is more practical and gradually ease into your diet. Remember that small and gradual changes are easier to sustain than drastic ones.

It is better to find substitutes for the food and beverages you usually consume instead of eliminating them altogether. You could switch to foods with lower fat content or calorie count, and resist buying unhealthy snack items when you go shopping.

You could also gradually reduce the portion of food on your plate, and drink mineral water instead of soft drinks.

Don’t jump into it

Don’t embark on an overly ambitious exercise regimen, especially if you haven’t exercised regularly before. You are likely to be highly enthusiastic at the beginning, and gradually slacken because of lack of discipline and motivation.

A good way to sustain your drive is to sign up for classes or engage a professional fitness coach to spur you on.  If you miss a few sessions, strive to get back on track instead of giving up completely.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race.


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