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Let’s look at things in a new light

Looks may be important but well-being comes first
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - January 13, 2011
By: Sheila Lim
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Let’s look at things in a new light

Hollywood celebrities like Cher and Demi Moore have the assistance of the best and most expensive plastic surgeons to cheat Father Time, but ordinary folk like us have shallower pockets. Many of us do little other than watch helplessly as wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation spots, cellulite and other signs of ageing start to accumulate and “deface” our physical appearance.

With the passing of yet another year, the woeful feeling that age is fast catching up with us is back again. But instead of moaning about how quickly time flits by, we could choose to celebrate the fact that we are well and alive, and can look forward to welcoming another New Year. We won’t know what it’ll hold for us, but we can try to make things better for ourselves by tackling things in more positive ways.

Do something about it!

For a start, let’s be grateful that we aren’t hot Hollywood stars who have to rely on our looks to make a living. Good looks can help open many doors; but at least, if we don’t have what it takes to turn heads, growing older doesn’t mean the end of the world for us!

We can also take consolation in the endless array of products and services we can turn to, to give Mother Nature a helping hand. Looking Good constantly features beauty professionals offering new-age technology designed to improve our complexion, polish up our image, make us feel brand-new and even give us a new head of hair! So instead of being bogged down by bad skin, lacklustre hair, tired bones and thinning hair, let’s take the first step to boosting our looks and spirits – make those appointments with beauty/wellness centres that we’ve been putting off!

Face up to it!

It’s certainly not pleasant to discover greying strands of hair, and newly-formed wrinkles and saggy skin when we look into the mirror. But we can learn to age gracefully by accepting the fact that ageing and all the unpleasant things that come with it are part and parcel of life.

Since the New Year is a time for making resolutions, we can strengthen our resolve to turn negative situations around. If you’ve either been stuffing or starving yourself, stop; make the effort to eat sensibly and healthily. If you’re always feeling lethargic and weary, start an exercise regime – this is the only sure way to build a healthy and attractive physique. When you exercise regularly, your endorphin (happy hormones) levels will be raised, and you’ll feel fitter with consistent effort. The adage of “if you feel good, you’ll look good” certainly applies here.

Lead a more fulfilling life

Instead of being overly concerned about growing older and losing our looks, we should strive to do what we possibly can to keep ourselves happy, healthy, contented and at peace with the world.

So let’s take time out to do things that boost our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being: strengthen our bonds with family and friends, spend time on hobbies or leisure activities we enjoy, do charity work, help someone in need, learn something new, try to be a better person… and do whatever will fill our lives with as much joy, love and pleasure as possible in the years to come.


Lose weight, don’t lose heart!