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Leopard prints for latest Kenzo x Vans collection

The "camo" print is back, as seen on DKNY's Spring/ Summer 2013 and in the Kenzo and Valentino menswear lines.
Asia One - March 20, 2013
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Leopard prints for latest Kenzo x Vans collection

Take a leaf out of the stylish man's wardrobe for a print with unisex appeal. Put this cool camouflage print on shoes, add a bit of street style colour, and it gets even easier to wear.

In this latest Vans collaboration, the new series of Kenzo-designed kicks does the sporty-chic trend breezily.

Available online at the official Kenzo website and at the Kenzo store at Takashimaya in Singapore from late March 2013, these sneakers are your Summer must-haves.

Kenzo's fourth Vans capsule collection was apparently inspired by a jungle journey to Thailand, but anyone who's visited a Thai jungle might find it hard to associate these trippy shades with animal print.

Under the creative hands of Kenzo designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim however, the camouflage print gets a psychedelic twist with zesty shades of orange, blue and green.

Dubbed the "clouded leopard" print, these sneakers are available in six different colour ways.

We think there's no better time to pick up new funky lace-ups; leopard print has never looked as fun as this.


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