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Korean stars that men consider fat

In Korea, especially for women, to be beautiful you have to have a fist-sized face, a V-line jaw, sang-kka-pull (double eyelids) and a high nose bridge. How can 49 million people be expected to fit this standard when every person looks different?
Asia One - March 15, 2013
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Korean stars that men consider fat

A good body is another prerequisite for beauty in Korea. This is a rather universal 'requirement', but South Koreans have taken it to the extreme. For men, this means being lean and having the right amount of muscle. For women, this means being slim, but still having curves, reports Allkpop.

The best way to see these unrealistic standards is to look at examples of what Korean men and women consider 'fat'. These are the results of a recent survey conducted by some organisation related to health and fitness.

Celebrities such as Solbi, the beautiful Song Hye Kyo, sexy dancing diva Lee Hyori and Kim Tae Hee are included in the list. Prepare to be shocked.


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