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HSA issues alert on 'herbal' supplement

A 'herbal' remedy for joint pain has been found to contain several ingredients that could cause heart, liver and kidney damage
The Straits Times - April 9, 2014
By: Linette Lai
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HSA issues alert on 'herbal' supplement Herbal Health Jointcare has been found to contain five undeclared Western medicinal ingredients. -- PHOTO: HSA

A PRODUCT marketed as a herbal remedy for joint pain has been found to contain several ingredients that could cause heart, liver and kidney damage.

Herbal Health Jointcare claims to contain natural herbs and no steroids.

But the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) found it contains five undeclared Western medicinal ingredients, including a steroid.

In a statement yesterday, it said long-term unsupervised use of oral steroids can lead to problems such as diabetes, cataracts, and increased risk of infection.

The product has been touted as being of Japanese origin, but the HSA said investigations to date cannot confirm if this is true.

It noted that suddenly ceasing to consume the supplement could result in withdrawal symptoms such as weakness and fatigue, and buyers should therefore consult a doctor as soon as possible before they stop taking it.

The supplement is sold by Ace Nutrition International over the Internet and from its premises on Kallang Pudding Road.

The company has deleted contact details and information about all its products from its website and Facebook page.

The HSA has seized supplies of the product and stopped sales.

It was alerted to the problem after it received two reports of rapid pain relief associated with the product. One of the reports was from a woman in her 60s, now under review by her doctor for potential liver damage.

Selling complementary health products with Western medicinal ingredients can draw a jail term of up to two years, a fine of up to $10,000, or both. Anyone with information on Herbal Health Jointcare or other illegal products can call HSA on 6866-3485, or e-mail


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