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How to wear black during CNY and get away with it

Start a red-less CNY revolution! How? Wear BLACK.
ST701 Editorial Team - January 23, 2008
By: Lin Shuzhen
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How to wear black during CNY and get away with it

I am afraid there is no way to do that.

I will be the target of many conservative parents and grandparents baying for my blood if I ever propose this suggestion on the World Wide Web.

But let’s not rule out black totally. Everyone I know agrees that black is such an easy colour to wear and that it makes one looks professional and some might even say, sexy.

Relatives are a sensitive bunch. They may just by-pass you for an angbao if they don’t “recognize” you in that black outfit and that, to many young people, spells the equivalent of the end of the world if they find that their angbao money doesn’t quite match up to last year’s.

So, to avoid this terrible catastrophe, keep black and other dark colours like navy and moss green to accessories and your hair. Here are 7 ways.

  1. Black nails scream goth and individuality. But your grandmother doesn’t know that. Try telling her it’s from all the dirt you can’t get out after the spring cleaning your mother enforced on you.

  2. Black bag or clutch. Hey, the size of a bag takes up about 10% of your body mass so no one will notice unless the bag you are dragging around is the garbage bag.

  3. Black-coloured jewelry. I notice lots of teenage girls donning black plastic necklaces and earrings. It’s not a bad combination when you pair them with your red top. In fact, the contrast in colours will make your red top stand out more. Bonus points for that!

  4. How can we ever forget shoes? Shoes are easy because your grandparents and parents are less likely to notice them unless you wear shoes in the house. I am assuming nobody does that in this day and time but if you do, that is a big no-no because they just did the spring-cleaning! I have to caution you on wearing totally black shoes or sneakers though because in my humble opinion, they look dull. Try black-with-some-other-colour sneakers or for girls, try black heels.

  5. Blackglasses. I am not trying to spread Harry Potter mania here but glasses spell retro and black glasses spell super retro. They provide good nostalgia for anyone who needs them during this festive period. Not to mention, they also act as a shield to all your kid nephews’ and nieces’ attempts to squirt drinks in your face.

  6. Black lipstick. No, I am just kidding. People usually do a double take when faced with a charcoaled-mouth punk wannabe even during Halloween. Try black eyeshadow instead. They look milder and not as likely to scare.

  7. Black underwear. Not for people who are superstitious and trying to win some money during casual CNY gambling sessions.

There are many more ways to wear black discreetly. Singaporeans are so creative especially when it comes to sidetracking ERP roads that I am sure you can do the same for this.



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