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How to wear animal prints

Animal prints draw attention so remember that subtlety is the key.
ST701 Editorial Team - December 28, 2012
By: Cheryl Mah
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How to wear animal prints

Animal prints are everywhere.

Dresses, wrapping paper, armchairs, notebooks, hand bags – I mean, EVERYWHERE. While many people may think animal prints are a recent phenomenon, animal prints have actually been around for decades.

Norman Norell, an American fashion designer known for his tailored suits and elegant silhouettes, first introduced leopard print clothes in the 1940s and they became widely popular in the 1960s during the bohemian movement.

Considered exotic, clothes with animal print designs are usually expensive and viewed as a symbol of status and wealth.

In the past only the rich and affluent could afford animal prints but in recent years designers have adapted animal print designs to everyday items, and made them available to people from all walks of life.

Despite its attainability these days, animal print designs still have a certain charm and allure about them. You need to be a little courageous to be attired in them as animal prints are a definite head turner. Fortunately, animal prints also have the ability to glam up every day wear. Take a neutral coloured blouse, pair it with a giraffe print necklace and your outfit is instantly stylish.

Keep in mind that animal prints draw attention so the key to looking effortlessly chic in animal prints is subtlety. If you are anything larger than a supermodel, take into consideration your body shape and any flaws you may want to camouflage. For example, if you are full-figured and want to hide your larger hips refrain from wearing any prints around the region as it will draw attention there.

Be careful not to overdo the animal prints though. While one such piece of clothing may let you appear classy, overdoing it by sporting too many animal printed fashion items all at once will not put you at the height of sophistication. Instead you will end up appearing like you tried too hard and end up being labelled as a fashion faux pas.

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