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How does your shoe fit?

Your shoes may fit your feet perfectly, but they may make them look bad instead. Find out how best to flatter them.
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - August 11, 2008
By: Alison Ong
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How does your shoe fit?

Many are unaware that just because the shoes fit, it does not mean they suit your feet. With the wide range of feet shapes and sizes, some shoes are made to suit yours perfectly while others may not. Choosing the wrong shoe may make your feet look fleshier or skinnier than what they already are.

Here are some tips to choosing the perfect pair to flatter your feet and legs.

If you have broad fleshy feet, choose shoes that help to create the illusion of long, slender feet and legs.

Do go for heels to lengthen your frame. If you are not used to wearing heels, try chunky heels or wedges for more support. Heels above 2.5 inches will elongate the back of the legs, making them look leaner. Another minor aspect worth noting is the arch of the shoes. The higher the arch, the better it looks for you. And, just as how you don’t want to emphasize a tummy with a wide belt, wear shoes with minimal straps.

Avoid too-bright hues, multiple straps, pointy-toes boxes (the front area of the shoe that holds the toes) and heavily embellished shoes are a no-no. Basically, you do not want to draw attention to your feet.

If you have skinny narrow feet, the wrong type of shoes can make your feet look disproportionately long, like a clown’s.

Go for sexy narrow stilettos and adjustable strappy shoes, which will allow for maximum foot support. Strappy shoes create the illusion of broader feet.

Do not wear footwear that engulfs your whole feet, making it look skinnier than ever. Avoid broad-cuts, long pointy-toe box and covered styles like sneakers. These styles contrast the size of your feet, making them look disproportionate.

Finally, if you have long awkward toes, don’t resign to mumsy pumps! They can occasionally look claw-like but no fear, there are great cover-ups!

Square-toe boxes and small peep-toe styles are most flattering and comfortable. Your main focus is the front of the shoe, so pick styles that hold toes together and show off just a little of their tips.

Avoid wide-toe boxes as exposed toes will be very spread out, drawing attention to your weakest spot. Also, long pointed shoes are best avoided. Your toes may hit the tip of the shoes, causing pain and uneasiness.

Above all, here’s the biggest tip - comfort first, beauty second! Do not buy shoes that are uncomfortable or styles you know you will never wear! We all know how these will end up at the back of your shoe cabinet and never see the daylight.


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