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For the love of lashes

Don't be shy when it comes to asking for beauty tips, 27 year-old Tsubasa Masuwaka explains.
MyPaper - February 4, 2013
By: Gwendolyn Ng
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For the love of lashes

SINGAPORE - Here's one tip from Japanese Gyaru icon-turned-singer Tsubasa Masuwaka: Don't be shy when it comes to asking for beauty tips.

The 27-year-old - who rose to fame by modelling in mags like Popteen and who is the creator of the Dolly Wink line of false eyelashes and make-up - trades tips with her friends, but has no qualms about asking just about anyone for their style secrets.

"If I meet a really cute girl on the streets in Singapore, I'll go up to her and ask her what's her secret," said Masuwaka, who was in town for promotional activities last month.

But her favourite topic, of course, is eyelashes - the very thing that, along with coloured contact lenses, eyeliner, hair extensions and embellished nails, helps make the Gyaru look.

The beauty guru - who is married to Japanese actor Naoki Umeda, with whom she has a five-year-old son - was visibly tired from an early-morning flight and a packed schedule filled with back-to-back interviews when she met My Paper.

But her energy level skyrocketed at the mere mention of lashes.

She said: "Before I came up with Dolly Wink, I was already very particular about my lashes. I would cut the lashes and piece different types together (to create something unique)."

Dolly Wink was "a chance for me to create beautiful lashes", she added.

At the interview, she gathered up a pile of prettily packaged Dolly Wink lashes, spreading them across a coffee table. She then proceeded to meticulously point to each set of lashes with her perfectly manicured fingers, explaining the characteristic look one can achieve.

"My lashes cater to a wide range of styles that girls want," she said.

For false-eyelash newbies, she recommends a more natural look with the No. 11 Pure Sweet and No. 5 Real Nice from her Dolly Wink range.

For the more experienced user, vamp up that cutesy look with the No. 10 Sweet Cat, which helps you achieve that cat-like look.

Masuwaka, who is just as dainty and doll-like in person as she appears in photographs, also exudes a certain charm. When asked who her style icon is, she replied unflinchingly: "Barbie."

She added, without a trace of irony, that "I love the fact that Barbie can wear anything and look so good. She's so versatile".

Well, Masuwaka has certainly created herself in the doll's image. And she is proving that the image is a big seller.

A spokesman for Watsons - which carries 18 types of Dolly Wink eyelashes and other make-up products such as eyeliner, mascara and eyelash cases - revealed that the lashes sold out within seven days when they were first launched here two years ago. Since then, Dolly Wink sales have doubled year-on-year in Singapore.

You go, Tsubasa.


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