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Change the way you look: Five makeover tips

Want a fresh new look? Here are some pointers to take note.
The Straits Times - May 6, 2014
By: Gladys Chung
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Change the way you look: Five makeover tips The winner of the Urban and Marina Square Spring Makeover Contest, Temasek Polytechnic student Renushri Pillay, 17, next to a standee of herself before the makeover. She won $2,000 worth of shopping and dining vouchers from Marina Square. -- FILE PHOTO:

In the first Urban and Marina Square Spring Makeover Contest held over two months, eight finalists were chosen out of 100 for makeovers and a photoshoot. They took to the stage on April 25 and the winners were picked from more than 1,000 votes sent in by readers.

For those who want to make themselves over with a fresh new look, here are five makeover tips.

1. Keep an open mind
Experiment with as many new styles and colours as possible so you know what suits you best. For all you know, that bright red lipstick or body conscious dress could in fact suit you better than you'd imagined.

2. Take your time
Don't rush into overhauling your look - take small and gradual steps. Why not try a new shade of lipstick today, a different silhouette tomorrow, and a new hairstyle the day after?

3. Seek expert advice
With the help of a stylist or personal shopper (Topshop, Tangs and Robinsons Orchard offer such services), learn how to pick out the pieces that best suit your body shape and proportion.

For your face, get advice from a beauty adviser at a make-up counter. Get your brows professionally shaped so they better complement your face shape and features (offered at brands such as Shu Uemura, Benefit and Make Up For Ever). Pick the right foundation and concealer shades that even out your skin tone, but still look natural.

Once you have these basics down pat, you get a better idea of your best features, and can build on your signature look.

4. Get a haircut 
Nothing can refresh your look faster than getting a new hairdo.

Chop off those tired-looking locks and stop hiding behind your hair. Bangs, a new hair shape or even some asymmetry can better frame your face and even lift your features when done right.

5. Don't be afraid of colour
And not just in the clothes you wear. The right colours can brighten up your skin tone and help play up your favourite features. Choose one to focus on - it could be your eyes (try a bright liner), lips (try a bold rouge) or even cheekbones (give a poppy shade, like coral or bright rose, a go) - and keep everything else muted with clean, neutral colours.


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