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Bras make breasts saggier: Study

The theory was that bras helped keep breasts from sagging. But a French study, spanning 15 years, has debunked that.
Asia One - April 18, 2013
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Bras make breasts saggier: Study

SINGAPORE - The theory was that bras helped keep breasts from sagging. But a French study, spanning 15 years, has debunked that.

Instead, the study claims that bras make the breasts sag more and do not reduce back pain.

Research Professor on the French study Jean-Denis Rouillon told Counsel and Heal, an online news publication covering trending stories in all areas of counselling, psychology and healing: "Medically, physiologically, anatomically - breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity.

"On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra."

The study looked at 330 women and the changes in their breasts over time using a slide rule and caliper, and concluded that breasts naturally become more toned and supported if no bra is used, reported.

When a bra is used, the breast becomes dependent on the artificial support, making them degrade more quickly.

Ms Capucine, a 28-year-old participant in Prof Rouillon's study, told France Info that since being involved in the study, she hasn't worn a bra for two years.

"There are multiple benefits: I breathe more easily, I carry myself better, and I have less back pain," she said.

So should the bra be actively discouraged?

Said Prof Rouillon: "While we validated the hypothesis that the bra is a false 'need' would be dangerous to advise all women to stop wearing their bra as the women involved were not a representative sample of the population.

"It would be of no benefit to a 45-year-old mother to stop wearing a bra."

The modern bra was patented about a century ago by Mary Phelps Jacob, a New York socialite who wanted an undergarment for an evening gowns.

Its popularity grew during World War I, when women decided they needed something practical to wear in the workforce, reported


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