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Beauty helpers

The 16th edition of BeautyAsia was an exciting mix of the latest beauty trends and innovations.
The Straits Times - March 2, 2012
By: Gladys Chung
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Beauty helpers Iron-on hair crystals

Trade show BeautyAsia 2012, which ran from Feb 20 to 22 at the Suntec Convention Hall, was a beauty junkie's heaven.

Staged by home-grown exhibition organiser Lines Exposition & Management Services, the 16th edition of the annual beauty and wellness trade exhibition showcased the latest beauty trends and nifty innovations from around the region.

The exhibition was open only to professionals from the beauty industry and saw about 150 exhibitors from some 19 countries, including Australia, Germany, Japan and South Korea.

This year, there were a lot more exhibitors showcasing handheld beauty devices, observes MsGillian Loh, project manager at Lines.

We showcase the four highlights that emerged at this year's show: beauty devices that help skincare products penetrate the skin better; dazzling beauty ornaments to dress up the hair and the ears; printed 2D nail art; and natural-looking make-up.


1. DIY devices to prep skin for skincare


Tappy Tok-Tok Acupuncture Micro Needle


Invented by Professor Nyeon Sik-Eum, who did his research at the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology, Tappy Tok-Tok is a nifty contraption that allows liquid serums to enter the dermis by puncturing miniscule holes on the skin surface.


The dermis is the tissue which supports and provides nutrition to the outermost layer of the skin.

One to two millilitres of serum is stored in a clear, thumb-sized bottle and capped with a mechanism that releases the serum to the skin through about 20 micro needles.

As its name suggests, users tap the contraption onto their skin and serum penetrates the skin via the needles.

As scary as it might sound, I found the contraption relatively painless to use - it felt like toothbrush bristles on my skin - because each needle is finer than a strand of hair. To prevent infections, the Tappy has to be sterilised after each use.

Visit for details.

Clione by Dr Arrivo

Launched in Japan about two years ago, this product was one of the highlights at BeautyAsia. Weighing just 47g, it uses five kinds of technology to help lift and tone while allowing serums to better penetrate the skin.

The first is electroporation, which refers to a mild and quick voltage to help the skin absorb products better. Next, there is mesoporation, a combination of electroporation and a non-invasive form of mesotherapy, which is traditionally an injection of drugs into the skin.

Both techniques are used to introduce molecules of collagen and hyaluronic acid into the inner layers of the skin.

In addition, blue LED lights, radio frequency waves and mild electric currents are used to tighten and sculpt the face. After applying a layer of serum, massage the skin with the device, which purports to aid absorption of skincare products.

Visit for details.

Hermippe wrinkle massager

Using vibrations and Iontophoresis - a mild electric charge to deliver beauty creams into the skin - this made-in-South Korea device is also said to help the absorption of skincare products.

The ergonomic shape of the device, the size of your index finger, makes applying creams to the delicate undereye area and the contours around the nose and mouth a breeze.

The best part? With the use of ion-induction technology, the tip of the battery-operated machine vibrates automatically upon contact with your skin, so there is no need to fumble with buttons to switch it on and off.

Visit for details.


2. Neoprint nails


ArtPro Nail Printer

Fans of Neoprint stickers will have a field day with this machine. It comes with a camera so you can take your picture and have it printed directly onto your nails.

If you are the kind who is obsessed with finding the right nail colour to match your outfits, this machine will solve your woes too. Take a shot of the pattern on your dress with your digital camera, download it onto a thumbdrive, stick it into this machine and print the pattern on your nails.

The nail printer also comes with 500nail art designs.

Originally invented as a toy for children, the latest version of the contraption prints sharp and clear patterns and is now used in salons in Europe and Japan.

E-mail for details.


3. Natural-looking make-up


Shizens Mascara and Eye Charm

This best-selling duo from Malaysian cosmetics and skincare brand Shizens works like a dream. It gives you up to an additional inch of natural-looking length on your lashes.

The secret is in the Eye Charm, a bottle of dry black fibre made of cellulose powder.

While other brands of mascara boast similar lash-lengthening fibres, they often end up clumping on short and thick Asian lashes.

In this case, the problem is avoided through a step-by-step approach. First, a thin layer of mascara is applied, followed by a dab of the dry fibre and then another coat of mascara. The result is longer, soft and feathery lashes that do not clump.

Shizens Lip painter (right)

Another star product from the brand, the Lip Painter is a white liquid when it is in the bottle. Once the thick liquid, which has the consistency of lipgloss, is applied to the lips, it turns them pink in less than 10 seconds.

The rosy tint will stay on for the rest of the day without any touch-ups, even after eating and drinking.

This product can also be used as a cheek or nipple tint.


4. Crystals


Auricular Acupuncture Crystal Diamond

The age-old method of ear acupuncture - where a small seed or magnetic bead is taped to the affected area to create pressure on specific points - has been given a fashionable update.

To add visual interest, Swarovski crystals in a variety of colours are attached to the sticky tape that holds the magnetic bead in place. They are apparently the hottest thing now in Taiwan, the land of all things cute and shiny.

The crystal ear beads, which work like stick-on earrings, last up to a week before they fall off.

E-mail for details.

Iron-on hair crystals

 This is a trend that started in South Korea. Hot, melting glue-backed crystals are stuck on hair strands with a flat iron, pretty much the way DIY iron-on crystals work for clothing.

They last up to a week with daily shampooing.

E-mail for details.



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