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Anti-aging skincare tips and products

Read on for some easy makeup application techniques for youthful looking skin, as well as some powerful age-defying ingredients to look out for in your beauty potions
Asia One - September 10, 2013
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Anti-aging skincare tips and products

She’s the make-up artist who is as well known for beautifying her A-List clients as she is for her own youthful appearance.

So it’s fair to say beauty expert Sue Moxley is well equipped to dole out advice for those in pursuit of younger looking skin.

We caught up with Sue this week to discover which products she tips for the top and which ingredients actually deliver on their anti-aging promise.

Ingredients to look for in your product labels

“There are so many brilliant youth boosting products on the beauty shelves,” says Sue.

“Look out for products containing hyaluronic acid, which is brilliant for refining your skin.

“I love Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Skin Refining Serum which is great for plumping up the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

“I tend to use if before my main moisturiser,” she adds.

Like many skincare gurus, Sue is a microdermabrasion devotee and credits the exfoliation technique for brightening her complexion.

“I use my Cindy Jackson Instant Results Microdermabrasion once a week. Cindy is basically the queen of anti-ageing and the exfoliating is quite hardcore but amazing for getting rid of dead skin and refining open pores,” she explains.

Makeup tips for aging skin

When it comes to applying make-up to mature skin, Sue has her own ground rules.

“Make-up needs adapt with age,” she advises. “BB creams are great for creating a nice base and it’s worth looking out for moisture-rich foundations which will leave tired skin looking plumper.

“My own Famous range has one which is fantastic for covering up open pores and any broken veins too. It’s also good for around the mouth area where any fine lines are visible.”

For your eye make-up, Sue advises ditching shimmer shadows in favour of matte hues.

“Shimmer will only accentuate wrinkles,” says Sue. “Use muted colours like grey-browns and warm tones on the eyes to warm up your face and open up your eyes.”


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