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Another beauty with brains

When it comes to beauty with brains, newly-crowned Miss Universe Singapore 2013 Shi Lim has got it covered.
Asia One - July 10, 2013
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Another beauty with brains

The 24-year-old business executive at an investment company is probably the winner with the most impressive academic credentials since lawyer Nuraliza Osman from the 2002 competition.

She was also the tallest contestant - at 1.76m - and a clear front runner at the finals held at Shangri-La Hotel last Saturday night, when she beat 15 others to the title.

Miss Lim left Singapore in 2005 after her O levels - for which she said she scored "less than 20 points" - at CHIJ St. Teresa's Convent School and spent the next eight years in North America.

She studied at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada for two years before transferring to the renowned New York University (NYU) in 2010 because she preferred the vibrant city life of the latter to the rural environment of the former.

And it was there that she transformed from average secondary school student into a top graduate who made the Dean's List three out of four semesters.

Miss Lim returned to Singapore in January this year with a Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Study, specialising in cognitive science.

She scored a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) for her final year and a 3.75 accumulative GPA overall.

This means she was an overall A-student who ranked in the 80th percentile of her cohort.

She told The New Paper over the phone yesterday: "My accumulative GPA was affected when I dropped off the Dean's List in my second semester at NYU because I was juggling an internship and didn't put in enough time for my studies."

Even the way she handles harsh online criticism about her physical flaws is classy.

Of her large ears, a netizen posted: "Her ears could be useful; if she ever took up sailing." Miss Lim said: "I wasn't really offended by the comments that were posted online. In fact, I found some of them really funny and I was laughing so much."


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