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10 ways to revamp or recycle your clothes

Transform your old clothes into something new or reuse them for other purposes
ST701 Editorial Team - June 23, 2014
By: Huda Nabilah Afandi
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10 ways to revamp or recycle your clothes

It’s tempting to buy more clothes every time we go out shopping, especially during the GSS season where discounts are aplenty. While you intend to start out only window-shopping, you may wind up with bags full of clothes you decided to purchase impulsively.

Instead of buying new clothes every time you think you need them, try revamping your old clothes by turning them into ‘new’ items. If the clothes are too old or don’t fit you anymore, you can also look for another way to use them.

Check out these 10 ways to revamp or recycle your old clothes:

1. Restyle them

If you no longer wear some of your clothes because the fashion is backdated or too plain, try sprucing up its look. Sew pockets onto T-shirts, or add zippers, buttons and other embellishments to add a little bling to an otherwise boring piece of fabric.

2. Make new clothes

If you don’t wish to wear the same T-shirt ever again, even with new patterns and designs, breathe new life into it by turning into something totally new. Make a crop top by cutting off the bottom half of the shirt or turn it into a tank top by chopping off its sleeves.

3. Repurpose them

Have a number of old sweaters that you outgrew? You can transform them into a scarf or a beanie, or even perhaps a pair of thick oven gloves to put on while you’re baking. You can also turn your old clothes into cloth bags.

4. Dye your clothes

Want to add more colour in your life? Opt to dip-dye your clothes in different bright colours and create interesting patterns or an ombre effect.

5. Make fabric accessories

Turn your clothes into something else completely like, such as hair accessories. Cut out the pretty patterns from a floral shirt and sew them into a headband. Otherwise, make a necklace, bracelet or anything else you can think of!

6. Make soft toys

Rather than splurging on expensive new toys for your children, make sock puppets for them to play with. If you have a pet, make a cushion or a beanbag for your furry friend to sleep or rest on too.

7. Do arts and craft
Need material for a scrapbook or to glue around a photo frame, or even to act as a book cover?Just cut out old tees, denim jeans, or even a cashmere sweater!

8. Turn them into home decorations

If you’ve plenty long dresses or skirts, try turning them into curtains or baby blankets. Have a scarf you no longer wear? Turn them into a lampshade!

9. Use as rags

If your clothes are no longer wearable or too old and dirty, use them as rags to clean your windows or tables.

10. Find a new home for your clothes

Last but not least, if you no longer need them or they do not fit anymore, you can do a kind deed by donating your old clothes to charity. If you want to make money, place a free ad on STClassifieds to sell your clothes!

You can search the Internet for tips and tricks on fashion hacks and DIY. Good luck!


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