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What’s in a gift?

Let’s hope it’s something desired or practical!
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - December 19, 2010
By: Sheila Lim
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What’s in a gift?

Singaporeans have generally grown accustomed to the “good life”, and their tastes are therefore more refined now. When you have colleagues who brandish stylish fashion apparel and accessories, have acquired a liking for quality chocolates and frequently travel overseas to shop, do you think they’ll be content with ordinary Christmas gifts? 

Things get even more complicated when you have a large number of people in your workplace to shop for and a budget to stick to. You can be sure many of those receiving the umpteenth candle holder, mug, photo frame or incense burner set are going to relegate it to the dark recesses of some drawer or cupboard.      

An ex-colleague of mine had a great solution to this problem. About a month before Christmas Day, he would set up a mini Christmas tree. He would then get everyone in the department to list three items they wished for, and display their wish lists on the tree. Members of the department were then divided into groups, and each group would be delegated to procure any of the three items for certain colleagues. I found it a most sensible practice – because the recipient would get what he or she wanted. It also created a spirit of togetherness.

Some may argue that such practices take the fun and excitement out of gift-giving. But let’s be realistic about this annual, highly commercialised “gift-exchanging” practice – most of us are only willing to spend more moolah on those dear (and sadly, useful) to us. So, this year, perhaps you could adopt the abovementioned practice, consider your gift options more carefully, or come up with a bright idea of your own to cut waste, and add to the joy or giving and receiving.


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The art of giving