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Want not, waste not!

Give your unwanted stuff a new lease of life
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - December 23, 2010
By: Sheila Lim
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Want not, waste not!

The air is always filled with excitement during the Christmas season. There’ll be parties to go to, plenty of goodies to feast on and gifts to open. But after all this merry-making and gift-exchanging is over, it’ll be time to spring clean our homes in preparation for the next festive season – Chinese New Year.

Instead of throwing away unwanted stuff that is still usable and in reasonably good condition, why not organise a bazaar at your workplace, home or neighbourhood to give these items a second lease of life? Besides getting rid of clutter and doing your bit to save the environment, you could also donate the proceedings to a good cause or charitable organisation.

If you intend to do so, keep in mind these tips to ensure your bazaar is a success:

    Gather a group of friends, colleagues, relatives or neighbours who are interested in participating in the bazaar.

    Find a suitable venue where you will have enough room to properly display all the items collected for sale. You are less likely to entice people to stop and look at the goods if they are haphazardly strewn all over a crowded table.

    Gather a group of helpers and delegate duties, such as the collection, displaying and pricing of items. The person assigned as the “cashier” should bring plenty of small change.

    Send out invitations to the bazaar well in advance through e-mails, chatlines, blogs or posters.

Good luck!


Decluttering for the New Year