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Use up and organise

Discover and utilise the ‘organiser’ in you
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - January 24, 2011
By: Adele Ong
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Use up and organise

A lot of clutter can come from items that we stock up when they are on sale, or at times when they are more easily available. These things pile up if we can’t use them up fast enough, or if we keep buying more to add to the stockpile.

To prevent this from happening, temper your “stock-up” mentality with practical sense. Although accumulating certain non-perishable items is useful, you should limit the amount you stock to a reasonable quantity. Decide what a good quantity of each item is for storing in your home. Once you reach that quantity, make certain that you use up one unit of that item before purchasing another unit – regardless of whether or not it is going at a discount!

For instance, if you are stocking up mineral water and tinned food for your family’s sustenance in the event of an emergency on the scale of Sars or a natural disaster, that is good. But don’t go overboard and jam up every cabinet with a year’s worth of food and water! Plan to have enough for a few weeks, then consume the items once you hit the limit, and replace each used tin and bottle accordingly. That practice helps you renew the stocks too, so that when an emergency strikes, you aren’t left with a load of expired food.

Many hobbyists also accumulate craft materials when these are available, believing that they can never have enough of that wood, or paper, or yarn, or paint. But how much space does all the accumulated stuff take up? In such cases, do the materials a favour and use them up. You’ll be doing the tidiness of your home a favour too.

What if you have non-valuable, non-precious odds and ends all over the place that you simply cannot bear to throw away, but can’t be recycled, and can’t be given to others either? How about pasting them into a meaningful collage, or turning them into a work of art?

Finally, organise, organise, organise! A place looks much neater if things are stored in an orderly fashion, and not every closet and drawer is bursting. You can get away better with having a lot of things if they at least look neat and tidy.


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