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The good and bad of iOS 7

Read the editorial team’s review of the latest Apple software update
ST701 Editorial Team - September 26, 2013
By: Jessica Zheng
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The good and bad of iOS 7

iOS7 is the latest update of Apple’s software and can make you feel like you just got a brand new device since it provides great visuals and more than 200 new features. Nonetheless, every change has its good and bad sides.

The Good

New control center
The new iOS 7 serves as a hub for everything you want to access quickly. It allows you to easily turn off and on vital functions such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the Do Not Disturb mode. Besides that, you can change the brightness of the screen and play, pause or toggle the volume of any music playing. At control center, you also can access the alarm, timer, calculator, camera and LED flash light.

Automatic updates
Once you are connected to Wi-Fi, the system will automatically update your apps.  The system works well and you may not have to think about updates for some time.

Upgraded camera app
With the new camera app, fast motion pictures can be easily taken with just one tap on the shutter button. Apart from that, you can toggle HDR on and off while you are recording a video. At the same time, you can also take pictures of the things you are recording. 

New photo gallery
The photo app will organise your pictures in new ways. Under the default “Moments” view, your pictures are organised by date with the labeled location.  By selecting the “Collection” view, the app will group your pictures more broadly.  The updated photo app can also help to group your pictures by year. Just simply select the “Years” view and you get to see every image you took in an entire year.

The latest notification centre
At the notification centre, there are displays of date, weather and calendar appointments, as well as a quick look of what’s ahead for tomorrow. You can decide what is visible in the lock screen as it won’t show all your notifications if you don’t want it to.

The Bad

More space needed
In order to download iOS7, you may need to delete some stuff as you require at least 2GB of free space on your iPhone.

Apples offers free backup service, but iCloud still requires a lot of work. This is due to the lack of a central interface. It only helps you to back up a limited amount of stuff, but with the apps and pictures continue to take up more and more space, Apple may need to invest more in backup solutions.

It’s almost identical
Once you get past the new features and visual design, a phone with iOS7 will work exactly like a normal iPhone since its functionally stays the same. The home screen remains the same and all settings are organised in the usual way.

You may be considering whether or not to download the new software. If you are not in a rush to do so, wait a few months until Apple releases the first update version of iOS7 as the early releases of the operation system may include bugs.

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