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The art of giving

Try to be creative and thoughtful when selecting gifts
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - December 9, 2010
By: Sheila Lim
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The art of giving

The cabinets in my home still hold a number of presents from Christmases past – incense, candles, photo frames, mugs, books and kitschy ornaments. What I usually do with such stuff is to donate them to charity bazaars – which I’m sure have no lack of such donations!

If you don’t wish to have your gift relegated to “cold storage”, dumped or recycled, bear in mind the following when you go shopping:

    Unless you know the likes and dislikes of your recipients fairly well, avoid getting them personal products like cosmetics, skincare products, apparel, fashion accessories and fragrances. Individuals usually differ in their tastes and preferences with regards to the colours, designs and quality of the items they choose to wear or use. 
    Refrain from getting common gift items like mugs, photo frames and keychains, as the recipient may end up with more of these than what he or she knows what to do with. But your recipients are likely to appreciate such items if they are uniquely designed.
    Toiletries, just like chocolates, are items that are commonly sought as gifts. These are fine, so long as you stick to popular choices (the problem is that though you might think that lavender is a popular scent, some people may not like it at all!).

    If you aren’t sure of your recipients’ tastes and preferences, it’s better to get them something practical or consumable. Utilitarian items like towels can always be put to good use while foodstuff like cookies and nuts make welcome snacks (provided they are of reasonably good quality and palatable).  


What’s in a gift?

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