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Tackling paint stains

Follow these removal tips to ensure your clothing doesn’t fall prey to your creative art lessons or home-improvement efforts.
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - March 15, 2010
By: Adele Ong
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Tackling paint stains

If you get water colour or poster paint on clothes, immediately rinse the articles of clothing in cold water until the stain is gone. If any colour remains after that, rub in some liquid detergent and launder the garment as you normally do.

Oil-based paint should be immediately dabbed with paint solvents or alcohol. Then apply commercial stain remover that specifically targets such paint, and wash as usual.

Emulsion paint splatters? Scrape off excess paint, rinse in cold water at once, then apply liquid detergent and launder. If a greasy mark remains, apply a grease-dissolving detergent or commercial stain remover and wash again.

The above tips are for washable items, and fresh paint splatters. Dry-clean-only items should be taken to a dry cleaner immediately. Non-washable items such as carpets should be sponged with cold water and carpet shampoo or other cleaning agents that can be safely used on that item or type of material. If you cannot get the stain out, call in specialist cleaners.

If paint has dried, it can be impossible to shift. Your best chance could be to physically pry away as much of it as you can from the fabric. On a deep-pile carpet, you may additionally be able to trim off some affected fibres to remove the worst of the stained area, taking care not to trim too much or too far down, as this could leave a bald patch.

If the paint is on an item whose fibres can’t be trimmed, peel off as much paint as you can, then try solvents and stain removers to see if you can fade the stain.


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