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Tackle pests in the home

Pests - love or hat 'em (for most of us, it's the latter); here's how you can strive to bid good riddance
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - November 16, 2009
By: Adele Ong
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Tackle pests in the home

Tackle any pests that might have entered your home by placing safe pest-control devices around the house. Use devices that are designed to be safe for pets, harmless wildlife and children; avoid risky methods such as glue traps, poison and traditional mousetraps, which could harm garden birds, small family pets and curious children.

Keep your furnishings as dry as possible, and seal up cracks in wooden items. Don’t leave a wooden door or cabinet chipped, damp and rotting, because that could invite termites to start work on it. It would be safest to treat wooden furnishings, especially those exposed to the elements, with varnishes and seals to help protect them from weather damage, as well as pest infestation.

Sweep floors and vacuum soft furnishings at least weekly to get rid of anything living on the surfaces of your home. Steam-clean mattresses, pillows and cushions on a regular basis, perhaps once or twice a year, to kill dust mites and any bedbugs that may have begun to set up home where you sleep and rest.

Always wash utensils and crockery before you use them, in case mice, cockroaches or flies crawled over them or landed on them while you were not looking. And wash them well after using, so that they won’t attract pests to the food residues on them. These pests can spread diseases, so don’t take chances with them.

Keep your place free of even small traces of stagnant water, so that mosquitoes won’t have a chance to lay their eggs in or around your place. Don’t risk dengue fever or even malaria or chikungunya, which have made limited appearances in Singapore in recent years. Use mosquito screens if necessary to keep these insects from entering your home.


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