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Sony SmartWatch 2 Arrives in Singapore

Sony has launched the Sony SmartWatch 2 in Singapore.
Asia One - October 22, 2013
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Sony SmartWatch 2 Arrives in Singapore

Presented at IFA 2013 last month, the world’s first water-resistant smartwatch with NFC connectivity offers new and unique benefits serving as a multi-functional watch, notifier, Android app interface and phone remote control. With up to 3-4 days of "typical usage" on a single charge, the SW 2 gently vibrates to alert you to each call, message, or notification.

With the latest version of Smart Connect on your Android phone, simply download a host of SmartWatch apps to experience a range of unique functions:

  • Answer or reject calls with a simple touch to the wrist
  • SW 2 gently vibrates whenever a call, message or notification comes in
  • Use the SW 2 as a remote to take photos via the Smart Camera app or control presentation slides via Presentation Pal
  • Need directions? Select a mapping app to see up to date navigations with a quick glance at the wrist
  • Adjust tracks and volume of music playing on the phone easily
  • Track fitness activities on the go with fitness apps like Runtastic
  • When not connected to a phone device, SW 2 acts as a stylish stand-alone watch with a choice of themes and watch faces
  • Read previously downloaded e-mails, messages and notifications when not connected to the phone.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 retails with a black metallic strap at S$338, or S$288 with a black silicone strap. Strap options in black or brown leather and silicon in various colors are also available. The straps are interchangeable with any standard 24mm wristband to suit different individual preferences and customization. The smartwatch is available at Sony stores, Tech@Vogue, Challenger, Gadget World, Newstead Technologies, and other authorized resellers.


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