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Should you get an iPhone or an Android phone?

Check out this comparison to decide which smart phone suits you better
ST701 Editorial Team - September 10, 2013
By: Jessica Zheng
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Should you get an iPhone or an Android phone?

While looking for a new smart phone, choosing between an iPhone or Android phone can be a daunting task. Both types of phones offer similar functions and it may be difficult to decide between them. Here are some guidelines to help you decide whether which type of smart phone is right for you.

Most Android phones support an additional SD card for increased storage space and its operating system comes in a wide variety of hardware. The iPhone does not support any memory card for storage - it is only manufactured by one company which has a tight control over how the hardware and software work together.

Both the Android phone and iPhone offer users a great number of applications. Unlike the Android, all applications from iTunes need to go through an approval process. Comparatively, most Android apps are offered free of charge, such as the popular game Angry Birds and chat app, Whatsapp. 

Android phones have the biggest screens available on smart phones - this includes the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that offers a screen size of 5.5 inch. On the other hand, the iPhone 5 has a 4-inch sized screen. However, with the retina display technology, the iPhone’s screen has a much higher pixel density than many Android phone screens. 

Battery power
The early iPhone models used to have batteries that needed to be charged nearly every day. With the iPhone 5, the battery is able to last up to 7 hours. Some Android models offer 4G LTE networking or 4-inch sized screens, and these tends to drain the battery, nonetheless there are some Android phones which offer high-capacity batteries. Android phones will work much longer than iPhones with just one charge for consumers who don’t mind the extra bulk with the extra battery.

Try heading down to any store that has the phones you are considering to buy. It might help you to try out the phones for yourself and ask questions so you can make your decision on which one to purchase.

If you’ve made up your mind which phone you’d like to buy, check out great deals for new/used phones here and phone accessories here!



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