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Review of the Samsung Galaxy Gear

The world’s first smart watch works like a computing device
ST701 Editorial Team - September 9, 2013
By: Jessica Zheng
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Review of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Photo credits: ST

The Samsung Galaxy Gear features a 1.63 inch AMOLED touch screen, single core processor and 25-hour battery life. It is the first smart watch which allows users to snap pictures from their wrists and immediately send them to their phones.


The smart watch works in conjunction with the other Samsung Galaxy devices which allow users to make and receive calls without having the hassle to pull the device out of their pocket. Aside from that, the watch will also send notifications, sync your calendar and call logs, and can support 70 apps that are specially designed for the smart watch.

The watch has a built-in speaker and microphone which allow users to record and play back video content. Consumers can issue voice commands to make calls by holding the watch up to their ear. 

With a 1.9 megapixel camera embedded on the wrist strap, users can take a picture with just one downward swipe. Besides that, it also allows consumers to capture video clips at VGA resolution with sound. 

Samsung Galaxy Gear has a 4GB internal memory with 512MB of RAM. It is sleek, with a thin metallic bezel surrounding the screen. The strap comes in six colours such as black, grey, gold, beige, green and orange. 

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Gear is certain to pique much curiosity from the public as it provides people more ways to imagine what wearable gadgets might do for us in the future.

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