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Pests or not?

How do you deal with an “uninvited guest”?
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - November 23, 2009
By: Adele Ong
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Pests or not?

Not all creatures that some people consider pests are really pests. Although all of them are “uninvited guests” in your home, a number of them can do some good in your place.

House geckos, for example, do no harm and spread no diseases. In fact, they help to eat pesky insects. The only trouble is that they sometimes leave trails of waste matter on walls which have to be wiped off. They will try to get to your food too, so prevent that with food covers and airtight containers. Lizards may also lay eggs in dark corners of your home. If you come across them and don’t want baby lizards hatching indoors, just move the eggs carefully to a sheltered, dry, dark corner in an outdoor area. And if the eggs have hatched, just sweep up the shells!

Ants also do not spread disease. Although seeing a group of them congregating on a bit of spilt food looks disturbing, they are in fact helping to clean your place up – they usually become a problem only if they appear in large numbers or in inconvenient locations that lead to you being bitten by them when you walk or sit in the same areas.

Spiders too help to get rid of insects, although the trouble with them is that they build webs.

The creatures you should really focus your resources on eradicating are the ones that can spread diseases to people and pets (cockroaches, flies, rats, mosquitoes), or wreak destruction on your home (termites, wood beetles, silverfish), bite you and cause discomfort (bedbugs, dust mites) or cause other major damage (crows, for example, can attack if they feel threatened by you, and are large enough to carry off small objects from your home like jewellery and stationery).

Don’t expend unnecessary energy and money chasing out creatures that aren’t really a danger to you!


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