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Park your yacht in your front yard

The inspiration for the working canal came when the Polish architects learned of their clients' love for motor yachts
Asia One - February 20, 2013
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Park your yacht in your front yard

Forget about that Singapore apartment that allows you to park your car in the middle of your living room. This house allows you to park your entire yacht in your front yard.

A concept house designed by Polish architecture firm MOOMOO Architects takes luxury living to the next level.

The firm designed a house in Poland where you can sail your yacht, or any boat, right up next to your door step, reported the Business Insider.

A water canal runs through the central design of the house, which also includes a lock lift that prevents the boat from drifting away, allowing it to sail along the window line of the kitchen and living room.

The U-shaped house is currently undergoing construction. It spans 700 square metres, not including storage and the water garage, and will be built on a slope that is close to the shoreline.

The house also includes an infinity pool and a garden. Oh, and an underground garage for cars too.


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