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Marker pen stains

Marker pen stains are stubborn to get rid of. Here are some options for those plagued with the daunting task of removing marker pen stains from fabrics.
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - March 8, 2010
By: Adele Ong
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Marker pen stains

Stains from felt pens may be easy or tough to remove, depending on what sort of ink it is, and what has been stained.

If you’ve accidentally got water-soluble ink onto your clothes from a temporary marker pen, there’s a good chance it could come out through normal sponging or a regular machine wash if you work fast.

For ink from permanent markers, try using appropriate commercial stain removers and apply as directed, then wash according to the fabric washing instructions. Note that it is easier to remove marker stains from cotton and wool than from silk – they may never shift from silk, but try asking a specialist dry cleaner if they can do anything to help.

Don’t tumble-dry, sun-dry or iron the item until the stain has been removed as heat sets stains.

Some people say they have successfully used hairspray on permanent marker pen stains. They sprayed it on the stain and used paper towels to keep the ink from spreading, then laundered the clothing as usual. Others have used denatured alcohol to sponge off such marks.

If you want to try these tips, be sure to test the process first. Use the same pen to mark another, unwanted clothing item, then try the hairspray or alcohol. If the result doesn’t look good, you may be better off living with the stain, which should fade over time and with repeated washing!


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