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M1 ramps up its Internet TV service

Telco launches new MiBox with freebies and wider selection of paid content.
Asia One - July 30, 2013
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M1 ramps up its Internet TV service

SINGAPORE - Telco M1 has boosted its Internet TV offerings by throwing in free movies, e-books and games for the first time - as well as doubling the amount of paid online content available.

As of Friday, customers are being given a new set-top box, called MiBox, which plugs into the TV for streaming online content.

This will replace M1's existing 1box, which has been in distribution since November 2010 when its Internet TV service was launched.

MiBox streams 18,000 video-on-demand titles, 116 TV channels, 1,200 e-books and 370 gaming apps - around a quarter of which are free.

Free content includes Korean drama series Boys Over Flowers and Full House Take 2, which are streamed from video sites like Viki and KMTV. Short films produced by Singapore Polytechnic are also available for free.

Free games played on Android-based mobile devices, like Cut The Rope and Tower Defence, can also be downloaded and played via the service.

Like the old 1box, MiBox lets users surf the Web, stream videos from YouTube and connect to online social networks like Facebook on their TV sets.

MiBox is offered to M1 fibre broadband customers at $8 a month, but broadband users from other Internet service providers pay $12 a month to get it. The first 10,000 sign-ups from yesterday will have their subscriptions waived for six to 12 months.

Paid content subscription or download fees are in addition to the MiBox subscription fee.

For instance, a basic package of 20 channels from KyLinTV - which has 46 live TV channels in China including CCTV4 Asia, Dragon TV HD and Hunan TV HD - is available for $14.99 a month.

For an additional $5 a month, users will also get 300 Android games like Mega City, Fruit Ninja and Cake Mania Celebrity Chef.

Users move the cursor on the TV set via a motion-sensing remote control that comes with MiBox.

However some tech-savvy Singaporeans may not find the service useful.

Business development director Aaron Koh, 37, said his son watches YouTube videos on a tablet and his wife watches Cantonese serials on the computer. "My family doesn't watch from the TV anymore," said Mr Koh.


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