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If Roses Are Too Cliché...

Here’s a selection of flowers, other than roses, ideal for this Valentine’s Day.
ST701 Editorial Team - February 13, 2013
By: Joanne Tan Ting Yuan
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If Roses Are Too Cliché...

The language of flowers, also called floriography, is a strong way of expressing one’s feelings which sometimes cannot be spoken.

If you feel roses are too overrated and you want to explore other blooms, there is actually a wide range out there with a reputation for being romantic as well.

The sunflower, with its booming bright yellow petals, is one spirit-lifting flower that will bring a radiant smile to your loved one’s face. Like the sun it is named after, it portrays warmth and happiness, which is important in a relationship. The sunflower, with its magnificent beauty, also means the true loyalty you have for your partner and your pure thoughts for her.

The tulip is an elegant bloom, which is one of the most popular flowers in the world. With the symbolisation of perfect love, there are two colours of tulips with romantic meanings. Red tulips are an obvious declaration of undying love, making it an ideal Valentine’s Day flower. As for purple tulips, they suggest eternal love. Tulips, being classic and affordable, also convey the message of comfort and warmth.

If you want a re-affirmation of love, then lilac is a good choice. With the meaning of “Do you still love me”, lilac is available in mauve, white, purple or pink. White lilac expresses youthful innocence or deep memories while purple lilac represents the first emotion of love.

The lily indicates beauty and in Greek poetry, it stood for tenderness. Lilies come in a range of colours, from red, yellow, purple to white. White oriental lilies stand out as a representation of beauty, class and style. In addition to its sweet, nice fragrance, the sophistication of the creamy white petals shows that you know your partner well.

Daisies generally signify innocence, loyalty, love, purity, faith, cheer and simplicity. If you want to compliment your better half, then select red daisies as they connote true beauty.

No doubt, there are still many other blooms out there which will charm and enchant your special someone. No matter what type of flowers you choose, it will definitely leave a good, everlasting memory in her mind.

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