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Greener living campaign gets Switch-ed on

More than 300 low-income households in Radin Mas received free energy-saving light bulbs yesterday
The Straits Times - July 6, 2014
By: Linette Lai
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Greener living campaign gets Switch-ed on Minister of State (Prime Minister's Office) Sam Tan installing a light bulb for retiree Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim. With them are Philips Lighting general manager Mieke De Schepper and mayor Denise Phua. -- ST PHOTO: DESMOND FOO

More than 300 low-income households in Radin Mas received free energy-saving light bulbs yesterday.

The light bulbs were given out as part of Project Switch, which stands for Simple Ways I Take to Change My Habits.

Introduced by the Central Singapore Community Development Council - in partnership with the National Environment Agency and electronics company Philips - the project aims to show residents the benefits of going green, while helping them save up to $80 in electricity bills a year.

Its organisers hope to reach out to 6,000 low-income households in the Central Singapore District by April 2016.

They also want to raise awareness of sustainable living habits, such as recycling more and reducing waste, among residents.

"More than just switching the light bulbs, I think it is important to switch to habits that will make us a better society," said Central Singapore District mayor Denise Phua.

She was guest of honour at the launch of Project Switch yesterday.

Small savings count for residents like 77-year-old Madam Ng Kim Tee, who received two energy-saving light bulbs.

"At night I turn on only one light to cook," said Madam Ng, who lives in a one-room flat. "I try to save as much as I can on everything."

This is the second time the project is being organised.


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