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Get the latest education news on new ST site

It will have information on topics from pre-school to university
The Straits Times - May 12, 2014
By: Amelia Teng
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Get the latest education news on new ST site A screengrab of the new ST Education Community site. It allows readers to ask questions, share their views and contribute posts alongside ST journalists.

THE Straits Times launched an online community today to keep parents up to date with the latest news in Singapore schools.

The Education Community will be where parents can find information on topics from pre-school to university and private education. This is in keeping with its aim: to make every parent an informed one.

Parents, teachers and other members of the public can also ask questions, share their views and contribute posts alongside Straits Times journalists on education issues.

The interactive microsite can be found via, the main website of the national broadsheet.

It can also be accessed directly via

It is the second ST Communities microsite where readers can post their views and stories, and upload pictures and videos.

The first of the ST Communities was Entertainment, which won gold in the Best in Social Media category at the 2013 Asian Digital Media Awards organised by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers.

Parents can also e-mail or tweet their questions on education to Straits Times senior education correspondent Sandra Davie at or @STasksandra. They can also use the hashtag #STasksandra.

Straits Times editor Warren Fernandez said: "Every parent wants the best for their child, and every one has a view on how to improve the education system. The ST Education Community will give everyone a platform to share their views on education.

"They will also be able to engage with Sandra Davie, who has covered education for ST for many years. She and our education team will seek out answers, and share their views to help parents make the best decisions for their child."

Mr Ernest Luis, the ST Communities editor, said he looked forward to parents, students and educators contributing posts.

"All they have to do is click our blue contribution bar above the site and every story, to send in their views, pictures, and video or audio links. It's easy to sign in with your social media account and have a creative but proper say on a credible award-winning platform."

Ms Davie said: "The ST Education Community will help parents navigate the education system by explaining to them the changes, as well as the new schemes, and help them make informed decisions."

Research overseas and locally has shown that the more parents are involved in their children's education, the better their children perform in school, she added.

"Children with more involved parents enjoy school more. They are also more emotionally and socially well-adjusted and more able to handle stress."


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