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Galaxy S4 or HTC One: Which One Will You Get?

Design or software features?
ST701 Editorial Team - March 25, 2013
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Galaxy S4 or HTC One: Which One Will You Get?

Your answer to that would most likely help you in deciding between the Galaxy S4 smartphone and the HTC One.

Boasting new and cool software features only unique to Samsung, the Galaxy S4 is poised to win in terms of features such as gesture controls, enhanced camera functions and other lifestyle elements. Or so you think?

Online critics have commented that S4’s plastic design lacks innovation. Was focusing on software enhancements the right move then? Or will the brand new HTC One take over the market?

Imagine you are watching a video clip or movie on your phone and something distracts you to look away from the screen, your phone intelligently pauses your video and plays  again when you look back at your screen.

Ever wanted an invention whereby you can answer a call without having to touch the phone? With the S4, users can just move their hands across the screen, without touching the phone, to pick up a call!

These are just some of the many cool features crammed into the Galaxy S4.

Forget the fanciful features, you don’t really need them do you? Maybe you like your phone in sexy silver, with an aluminum unibody design that feels solid and natural on your palm.

A zero-gap display is an added bonus, where the screen sits just under the glass of your phone, playing out images right at the top of the screen.

Not forgetting other sexy features such as a re-engineered 4 mega pixel rear camera equipped with optical image stabilization and more.

Back to the burning question: Design or software? You decide.



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