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Free eye check-ups and new spectacles for 300 needy students

Primary and secondary students from low-income households can have their vision checked for free, along with corrective lenses
The Straits Times - May 19, 2014
By: Joanna Seow
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Free eye check-ups and new spectacles for 300 needy students Deba Ramakrishnan, 7, has her eyes checked by Kimberly Lee, 19, a student at Singapore Polytechnic. -- ST FILE PHOTO: ONG WEE JIN

LENS maker Essilor's philantropic arm Essilor Vision Foundation launched its Singapore programme on Monday, kicking off four days of free eye exams and corrective lenses for needy students.

Some 300 primary and secondary school students from low-income households will have their vision checked by final-year optometry students at Singapore Polytechnic, and will be able to pick up free spectacles next month.

The students were chosen by the Singapore Indian Development Association, which organised the event in partnership with Essilor Vision Foundation Limited in Singapore, NPS International School, BridgeAble and Singapore Polytechnic.

Essilor said that more programmes are planned and will be organised based on need.

Mr Hubert Sagnieres, Essilor's chairman and chief executive, said the company hopes to raise awareness among parents about the importance of eye exams for children. "If they don't see well they can't learn in school, they may have bad grades and they could have a poor life," he said.


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