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Fitness gadgets to kickstart your exercise regimen

Fitness gadgets to kickstart your exercise regimen
The Straits Times - August 28, 2014
By: Trevor Tan
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Fitness gadgets to kickstart your exercise regimen Garmin Fenix 2 (above). Nike+ SportWatch, Plantronics BackBeat Fit and Sony Walkman NWZ-W273S.

Garmin Fenix 2

$399 (usual price $469)

Booth: 6103

If you want a fitness watch to do it all, the Garmin Fenix 2 is the GPS running watch to get. It not only tracks your runs, it can also record the vital workout statistics whether you are climbing, riding, hiking, skiing or swimming.

Fenix 2 has built-in altimeter, barometer and compass to provide relevant real-time information about your surroundings. It uses GPS to set the time and date automatically depending on your location. No more twiddling when you travel.

Water-resistant to a depth of 50m, this is a watch whose rugged good looks tell you that you can wear it anywhere and at any time.

Nike+ SportWatch

$229 (usual price $279); free travel case

Booth: 6138

This 66g fitness watch has both GPS capability and a Nike+ sensor, which you insert into a cavity in the sole of a Nike+ compatible running shoe.

The sensor allows the Nike+ SportWatch GPS to track your runs even while it searches for a GPS signal or when the signal fades out.

Even indoors, the device can still monitor your runs and record elapsed time, burned calories, average pace and distance covered.

It is water-resistant down to 50m, so you can keep on going even in a torrential downpour.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

$199 (usual price $219)

Booths: 6138, 6741, 8108, 8101A and 8238

You love working out to music almost as much as you hate those irritating cables of your earphones. Plantronics BackBeat Fit may provide the answer.

This wireless headset connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so that you can enjoy tangle-free tunes while pumping iron or burning up the treadmill. Its built-in microphone and easy-to-access on-ear controls make it easy to take calls.

A weatherproof nano-coating ensures that it can withstand the toughest workout.

Sony Walkman NWZ-W273S

$129; free carrying case

Booth: 6605

This looks like a set of wireless in-ear headphones, but it is actually an all-in-one music player for fitness enthusiasts.

The player comes with standard earbuds and "swimming" earbuds, which let you enjoy your music effortlessly while you swim the laps in the pool.

On a full charge, which takes only 90 minutes, this Walkman delivers eight hours of audio playback.

Its 4GB of internal storage can store up to 1,900 songs to enjoy while you punish your body in the gym or on the track. It is available in orange, black, blue, pink and white.

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS

$499; free travel case

Booth: 6138

This running watch is exactly what its name tells you.

Whether you run, cycle or swim, it won't miss a beat, for this is also a heart-rate monitor.

An optical sensor at the back of the device monitors your blood flow by shining a light through your skin and onto your blood vessels, thus eliminating the need for wearing a heart-rate monitor on a chest strap.

When you are done working out, sync the Cardio's workout data with your iOS devices via Bluetooth to see how well you have done.


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