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Digital romance

Apps to make your Valentine's Day a special one
The Straits Times - February 8, 2012
By: Jimmy Yap
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Digital romance Poetry from The Poetry Foundation


US$0.99, (S$1.23) from the Apple App Store

Everyone sends Valentine's Day cards. Stand out from the crowd by sending a card from someecards.

These cards come with clever and witty lines that demonstrate how witty and clever you really are.

Note: make sure you send these cards to someone who has a sense of humour.

Poetry from The Poetry Foundation

Free, from the Apple App Store and Android Market

Not everyone can be a poet. And women really love poetry.

So if you want to make an impact this Valentine's Day, commit a few verses of poetry to memory. Could you compare her to a summer's day? You could if you knew the whole sonnet. Download this app and arm yourself with memorable verses to impress your date.

SG Florist

Free, from the Apple App Store

This app by Far East Flora is a must-have for all time-pressed boyfriends and husbands. Just browse the more than 1,000 arrangements, plants and gifts available. Pick the appropriate gift and pay by credit card or PayPal. One nice touch is that the app integrates with your contact list so you do not have to key in addresses.

This app is not just useful for Valentine's Day. It has reminders for birthdays, anniversaries and other special days.

Free, from the Apple App Store and Android Market

Those of you with cash to spare might be thinking of celebrating the day by going away to a nice hotel.

One of the best ways to book a hotel room is to use this app, which has an impressive database of hotel rooms.

Each write-up comes with photos.

Pick a well-rated hotel and read the reviews to help you decide. Then simply book the hotel.


Free, from the Apple App Store and Android Market

So you do not have a date on Valentine's Day. No need to fret. Look for that special someone with the OkCupid app. This app gives you all the search abilities of the website but because it is on a phone, it is also location-aware and can help you find singles near you. As the description of the app goes: 'We use maths and computers to get you dates; all you have to do is not bleep it up. (Except, of course, they use a five letter that starts with 's' and ends with 'w' instead of bleep.)


Free, from the Apple App Store and Android Market

For the special day, most will look for some place special with great ambience, good food and with prices that won't break the bank. This app will help you search for restaurants by cuisine and location.

More than a directory, it lets you read reviews of restaurants and check the ratings that previous patrons have given the place. Look for restaurants that have been rated by more than 20 people to get a good feel of a place that you have not been to before. Read the reviews to find out if the restaurant is suitable for romantic dining.


Free, from the Apple App Store and Android Market

It's a special day but why pay more than you have to? This is where Groupon comes in. Use this app to find great deals that retailers have lined up for the event.

Right now, Groupon has Valentine's Day specials that include hand bouquets for $22 and a Brazilian wax for just $18 (Boyzilian option is available too).


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