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Chat and catch up with these new apps

Technology has made it easier for people to stay in touch but real-life interaction is still the best
The Straits Times - April 29, 2013
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Chat and catch up with these new apps

Gone are the days when long-distance loved ones waited patiently by the telephone for each other to call.

First of all, almost everyone has a mobile phone. And with the increasing ubiquity of smartphones, seeing each other's face is even possible.

Or if the time difference is really huge between the locations of the different parties, there are always social media avenues to keep in touch.

Someone in the United States could wake up to WhatsApp messages or Facebook notes from their loved ones in Singapore.

And all these at little to no cost.

These are newfangled ways of keeping in touch across thousands of kilometres that just seem to get more and more convenient, from the time Skype in 2003 began providing free one-on-one voice and video calls over the Internet.

But experts advise families not to depend solely on technology - real-life interaction is still best.

Ms Joyz Tan Dunlin, 32, a senior social worker and assistant manager of Fei Yue Community Services, says: "Continue to embrace technology to keep in contact but save up for an air ticket, so that you can have meals together again and the physical touch that technology cannot replicate."


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