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Can you give it away?

Learning to let go of items you don’t need does wonders for a messy and cluttered home
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Can you give it away?

Are you doing justice to the things you own? Do you truly use them, love them and need them? We may cling to something because “it was a gift from a friend”, without really liking it or making use of it. In these instances, it would do the item greater justice to give it to someone else who will truly treasure and use it.

Many of us have difficulty letting go of objects we don’t love merely because we think we can still get more mileage out of them, and it seems a waste of resources to ditch them. But wouldn’t we feel better about it if we can give them to someone else who actually needs them?

However, use your common sense. Don’t always stick rigidly to the old rule of “if you haven’t worn it in a year, throw it out”. Some clothes are rarely worn, but should not be discarded – because you do haul them out on specific occasions. For instance, if you almost never go to parties, you may have worn your favourite little black dress only once in the last two years. But if it is still in good condition, you love the dress, and can still fit into it, it makes sense to keep it because when you attend your next party, you will probably wear it again.

Other clothes, in contrast, are not worth keeping – even if they are expensive designer togs – because you may have bought them to match an idealistic image of yourself which doesn’t correspond to reality. The truth is that you will never wear them, except perhaps at a costume party (how often do those come around?). So give them to charity, or to a friend whose personality is a better match for them, and see them used as they ought to be.

Items that can’t be given away because they are not in good condition, but are made of recyclable materials, can be put into the appropriate recycling bins. Thus, what they are made of will go into the making of something else, and help save the Earth’s resources.


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