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Apple tells us why iPhone is still the best

Days after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple launched a webpage containing a list of reasons that set the iPhone apart from the competition.
Asia One - March 21, 2013
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Apple tells us why iPhone is still the best

"There's iPhone. And then there's everything else," proclaims Apple's new webpage, released days after the glitzy launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in New York.

The webpage contains a list of features that supposedly set the iPhone apart from its competition, and was sent in a condensed version to all subscribers of Apple's commercial email newsletter.

Besides letting users "do so many things easily", Apple says there are other reasons the iPhone is "unlike anything else":

1. iPhone has received eight straight J.D. Power and associated awards for customer satisfaction.

The iPhone was ranked the highest in eight consecutive customer satisfaction surveys conducted annually by the American marketing firm.

2. Every detail has been considered.

Apple claims that the iPhone 5 is built with a precision level equivalent to that found in a finely crafted watch.

3. Only the iPhone has the Retina display.

"Once you see a Retina display, you're never satisfied with anything less," says Apple.

4. Great battery life. Without a great big battery.

A team of scientists created a unique chemistry to make the iPhone 5 battery durable yet thin and light.

5. The A6 chip is powerful but not power hungry.

The A6 chip was designed to work with iOS6 to be fast and power efficient at the same time.

6. iPhone gives you ultrafast wireless and LTE.

The iPhone 5 features dual-band 802.11n which accelerates Wi-Fi speeds.

7. The world's most popular camera.

For this feature, Apple flaunts the list of the top three most popular cameras on image and video hosting website Flickr:

1. iPhone 4S
2. iPhone 4
3. iPhone 5

8. Millions of ways to be entertained. From one trusted source.

Apple points out that the over 800,000 apps available in its App Store have all been reviewed to guard against malware. It also takes a swipe at "other mobile platforms" for having "a myriad of fragmented store options, resulting in availability issues, developer frustration, and security risks".

9. iOS 6. The world's most advanced mobile operating system.

Because it designs both the hardware and software, Apple asserts that iOS features work together perfectly with iPhone features like the Retina display, gyro and accelerometer.

10. Only iPhone has Siri. Your wish is its command.

Apple mentions the Eyes Free feature, which allows users to activate Siri in their cars without visual cues, so they do not have to take their eyes off the road.

11. iCloud puts your content on all your devices.

Apple touts the iCloud for storing content seamlessly and automatically across devices.

12. iPhone comes with something unique: support from real people.

Apple scoffs at "other smartphones" for not providing straightforward support for their users, saying, "Call the manufacturer, and they tell you to call your service provider. Call your service provider, and they tell you to contact the OS developer."


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