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10 reasons why the iPhone 4 is so cool

Besides a new, sleeker look, the iPhone 4 also features 10 more new reasons why it’s cool
ST701 Editorial Team - June 9, 2010
By: Linda Lee
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10 reasons why the iPhone 4 is so cool

When Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the iPhone 4 was the "biggest leap forward" the iPhone has made since it was introduced in 2007, I was reminded of Neil Armstrong whose planet-traipsing moon walk (“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.") eventually got eclipsed by Michael Jackson’s earth-shaking moonwalk.

Years later, who would’ve thought the King of Pop - who’s known to seek children at play - would lose out to a fruit that’s known to keep doctors away?

At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday, he said that the iPhone 4 was without a doubt the most precise and one of the most beautiful things they've ever made. I couldn’t but agree. Being accessible and intuitive, I must say the iPhone has become a definitive item of the century. Why, if Adam were to see this apple (product) now, I’m quite sure he would not rashly gobble it up without first taking a swipe (or two) at it.

So besides being "beautiful", what makes the new iPhone different? Here goes:

1. Sharper Screen
With 326 pixels per inch - four times that of previous Apple phones - Mr Jobs says the iPhone 4's "retina display" screen is years ahead of anything else on the market.

"Text looks like you've seen it in a fine printed book - unlike you've ever seen on an electronic display before," he said.

What this means: Books, newspapers and magazines will soon be counting down to Armageddon faster than the rag-and-bone man can yell “garang guni”.

2. Gyroscope
The iPhone 4 has five sensors, including a gyroscope.

What does that mean for users? Probably cooler games and apps. The iPhone 4's internal gyroscope can sense motion on six axes. On Monday, Mr Jobs showed a demo where he pivoted in a circle, and the stack of blocks in an app spun with him.

What this means: Greater sense and sensibility that could render Jane Austen’s classic obsolete. To resurrect the literature, perhaps an app can be developed to convert it into a – gasp – game?!

3. Thickness
It will be the thinnest smart phone on the market, Mr Jobs said. At 9.3mm thick, it is 24 per cent thinner than the previous iPhone model, the 3GS, he said. The iPhone 4's screen remains the same size as before, 3.5 inches when measured diagonally.

What this means: Regardless of its size and length, we can still rely on the iPhone – with all of its 200,000 (and counting) apps - to go through thick and thin with us.

4. Camera Flash
Apple added an LED flash to the iPhone 4's camera, which lets mobile photographers shoot photos and video more easily at night.

What this means: You can finally lead the life of a flasher and get away with it, unlike that of a graffiti creator. You may not be able to flaunt your artistic talent by spray-painting the MRT, but at least you can take a decent shot of the motif at night.

5. Better Camera
The quality of the iPhone 4's camera has improved over previous models'. The iPhone 4 shoots photos with 5 megapixels of resolution, compared to 3 megapixels before.

The iPhone 4 also shoots HD video, and a video-editing app - called iMovie - which Apple will sell allows people to shoot, edit and share videos with the phone.

What this means: With things looking this simplified and straightforward for any Tom, Dick or Harry to produce a movie, it’ll be hard for Jack Neo to make a comeback with an I-So-Scandalous sequel by the time he rises from the ashes (or if he does).

6. Video Conferencing
In addition to the back-of-the-phone camera improvements, Apple also added a second camera, which faces its user. This can be used for video conferencing, which Apple and Mr Jobs expect to be an emerging trend in the use of mobile phones.

What this means: More work to be done out of the office, while on holiday and in spite of calling in sick. Okay, this is one app which may not sit too well with us.

7. Multi-Tasking
The iPhone's operating system, which Apple calls iOS 4, got an upgrade along with the iPhone 4's hardware. Among the most-awaited changes is multitasking, which means that the phone can run multiple applications at one time.

What this means: So much for the naming fracas over the iPad; it’s official - the iPhone is female (too).

8. Stainless Steel Antennae
The iPhone 4 is flat on the front and back, and a band of stainless steel goes around the edge as a trim. This isn't just a design feature, Mr Jobs said. It's actually the antennae. "It's never been done before and it's really cool engineering," he said.

What this means: Better reception that allows ET to update us of his whereabouts, with GPS tags and all, prior to summoning him home. It’s also time to update our dictionary where the two words “cool” and “engineering” have never been known to be used together.

9. Guts
The iPhone 4 has a new processor - the A4 - which Apple says makes the phone faster than competitors' and faster than the iPhone 3GS processor.

What this means: This is one instance where you can cruise to your heart’s content on the digital highway and yet not “kena saman*”. Woot!
*to be fined by the traffic police

10. Improved Battery Life
The improved battery life allows for 40 per cent more talk time, Mr Jobs said.

What this means: Heavy duty users no longer have to bring along their cable everywhere they go or make bricks out of their phones with huge, attachable power packs. We can look forward to shooting more angry birds at disgruntled pigs in one uninterrupted, addictive setting. What’s not to like?

(Disclaimer: Comments are writer’s own and best consumed with a pinch of salt.)


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