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Worn slippers take flight

Filipino husband-and-wife duo exhibits art made from recycled materials.
The Straits Times - February 5, 2013
By: Mark Cheong
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Worn slippers take flight Last Flight (above), a sculpture resembling giant wings made of discarded slippers salvaged from Baranggay Uno in Southern Philippines. -- PHOTOS: MARK CHEONG FOR THE STRAITS TIMES

Prototypes, an exhibition by Filipino husband-and-wife duo, Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, is now on at The Drawing Room, Gillman Barracks.

The Melbourne-based artists exhibited in Singapore during the 2008 Biennale and their current exhibition includes art pieces reworked from previous projects and fragments of on-going work in development.

They are known for using recycled materials and much of their work involves working closely with communities in a number of countries.

One example in Prototypes is the piece Last Flight. It is a sculpture resembling giant wings made up of discarded slippers salvaged from the shores of Baranggay Uno in Southern Philippines with the help of local fishermen.

Other pieces include Transportables (After In-habit: Project Another Country), a sculpture made with transport pallets, crates and recycled cardboard; and Artefacts (After Flight: Project Another Country), an installation consisting of paper airplanes made by immigrant and local communities at workshops held by the Aquilizans in Australia.

About 18 works are being exhibited in the five-month-old, 71sq m gallery and are all for sale.


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