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World's Chinese chefs in cook-out contest

Touted as the Olympics of Chinese cuisine, the three-day competition is held once every four years.
The Straits Times - November 15, 2012
By: Rebecca Lynne Tan
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World's Chinese chefs in cook-out contest The team from Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant (above) will be one of the eight representing Singapore. -- PHOTO: RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION OF SINGAPORE

The world's most prestigious competition for Chinese chefs - the World Championship of Chinese Cuisine - takes place at the Singapore Expo this weekend.

Touted as the Olympics of Chinese cuisine, the three-day competition is held once every four years, and is now into its seventh edition. It starts tomorrow.

A total of 53 teams comprising 212 chefs from Asia and Europe will be taking part this year. The first competition, held in Shanghai in 1992, had only 18 participating teams.

Jointly organised by China-based non-profit organisation, the World Association of Chinese Cuisine, and the Restaurant Association of Singapore, the event aims to recognise the best Chinese chefs from around the world and also provide a platform to build up camaraderie and exchange culinary concepts.

Mr Andrew Tjioe, 53, president of the Restaurant Association of Singapore and chief executive of restaurant group TungLok, says: "We are very excited and honoured to be hosting this important competition."

He adds that playing host to over 400 delegates, which include chefs, restaurateurs and other industry professionals, will not be an easy task, given the numerous countries involved.

Participating teams will represent Chinese chef associations and Chinese restaurants in Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and China, as well as parts of Europe including The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, and the United States.

The teams, which each consist of four chefs, will prepare two sets of six dishes in 31/2 hours. Dishes include an appetiser, main courses that include soup, seafood, meat and vegetables, and dessert.

The teams will be judged by a 17-member panel from various countries, and will be assessed on everything from finesse and flavour to table display.

Countries are allowed to submit multiple teams to the competition, which has been dominated by China over the years.

This year, Singapore will be fielding eight teams from various Chinese restaurants and associations.

They are: My Humble House, Tung Lok Classics, Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant, Jumbo Seafood, Jin Shan at Marina Bay Sands, Tung Lok Seafood, Hou Yow Cooks' Association and the Society of Chinese Cuisine Chefs.

The Singapore teams had previously taken part in a qualifying round three months ago, as part of the annual Singapore Star Chef Competition, a culinary event organised by Restaurant Association of Singapore.

The competition display tables are available for public viewing at Singapore Expo Hall 5A, tomorrow to Sunday, 12.30 to 1.30pm, and 5.30 to 6.30pm.


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