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What women want this Christmas

Men, read on to find out what women actually want for Christmas.
December 18, 2012
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What women want this Christmas

SINGAPORE - Men, ditch the thought of buying yet another box of chocolates for your girlfriend or wife.

According to a latest survey commissioned by United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB) on consumer's Christmas spending, men still don't get what women want.

The top items on women’s wish list this Christmas are designer bags and clothes (34 per cent), shopping vouchers and gift cards (26 per cent) and cosmetics and perfumes (18 per cent).

However, men are more likely to choose chocolates (62 per cent), and novelty gifts (40 per cent) as gifts for women in their lives.

Said Ms Gan Ai Im, Managing Director, Cards and Payments, UOB: "While chocolates and novelty gifts may be easier choices, women are looking for something a little more personal such as a handbag or a shopping voucher from their favourite retail outlet.”

But one good thing is, men do not scrimp on the cost of their Christmas gift.

According to the UOB survey, men are likely to spend the most on their significant other - almost $200 more than the next priority person on their gift list, their family members.

Interestingly, women plan to spend more on themselves than on family and friends.

The survey found that they would spend more than $500 or 40 per cent of their average Christmas budget on a gift for themselves.

It seems that men are not the only ones who buy the wrong gifts. Women may also need a helping hand in selecting the right gifts to buy for the men in their lives.

The top three items women select to give are chocolates (68 per cent), novelty gifts (42 per cent) and cologne (29 per cent).

While the survey revealed that men do like to receive chocolates as gifts (22 per cent), 20 per cent indicated a preference for some form of gadget (smartphone, tablet, camera).

19 per cent wanted a wallet or watch and another 18 per cent said they would like shopping vouchers and gift cards.

Combining the results, the UOB survey found that luxury items and shopping vouchers or gift cards are the most desired gifts to receive this Christmas, by both men and women.

22 per cent of total respondents also stated they preferred a cash-based gift for the freedom to purchase an item that they really want.


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