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Underwear models catwalk at Orchard Road in PR stunt

SINGAPORE - Underwear clad models stopped traffic at Orchard Road on Saturday in a publicity stunt to promote sloggi's new eco-friendly lingerie collections.
Asia One - March 27, 2013
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Underwear models catwalk at Orchard Road in PR stunt

Dressed in yellow raincoats and little else underneath, ten models transformed the traffic junction in front of Paragon and Takashimaya shopping malls into a makeshift runway.

The leggy models were then joined by 25 other dancers who did a flash dance behind them - this all happened in less than 10 minutes.

sloggi said in a statement to the media that it is on a mission to build more awareness on being environmentally-friendly. This is also the reason why they chose Earth Day to hold the Orchard Road event. It added that it "(wants) to spread the message of importance of being eco-friendly by loving the weather."

On the side, one of sloggi's Weather Girls also held up a sign, requesting for members of the public to hug her to change the weather.

The new 'Love Weather' or 'Weather Girl' collections are made from eco-friendly fibres such as organic cotton and Italian Sensitive Fabric. According to the lingerie maker, for every 1 metre of Sensitive Fabric used, 1 square metre of rainforest saved.


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