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Types of Coffee

Popular types of coffee and how they are prepared
November 18, 2012
By: Wong Wei Chen
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Types of Coffee

Now that you’re conversant with the rudiments of coffee roasting and grinding, I’ll move on to talk about popular types of coffee and how they are prepared.

Filter coffee
This type of coffee is made by pouring near-boiling water onto ground coffee beans held within a porous filter. The water drains through the coffee, in the process absorbing its oils and essences, then passes through the filter and finally ends up in a pot or some other container.

Filter coffee should never be boiled, and certainly not reheated; doing so will cause it to lose its flavour, and you’ll end up with some bland, nondescript brew. Purists will probably insist on using bottled water during preparation, since chlorine in tap water may compromise the taste of the beverage.

Italian coffee
This generic term subsumes a number of different varieties, of which the more well-known are espresso and cappuccino.

Espresso coffee is made in a special, pressurised apparatus which forces steam from boiling water through ground coffee. Because of the pressurised brewing process, a typical espresso drink is dense with ingredients, and yields concentrated aromas and flavours. While it is often consumed on its own, it is also used in the preparation of other types of coffee.

Cappuccino, another popular type of Italian coffee, is prepared with espresso, hot milk and frothy cream. The texture and temperature of the milk is critical for an optimal beverage, so I’d recommend that you leave this one to the experts – in other words, get your cappuccino at a cafe (helmed by a seasoned barista, if you can help it).

Turkish coffee
Also known as Arabic coffee, this beverage is made by boiling very finely ground, powdered coffee together with an almost equal quantity of sugar. This can be done either in a pot or cezve (a container designed specifically for the preparation of Turkish coffee).

When ready, piping hot Turkish coffee is served in miniature cups or glasses, which adds an exotic element to a delightful brew!


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