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Tisshh the season to be jolly. Hic!

But don’t drink too much at the office party and make a fool of yourself!
CATS Classified In The Straits Times - November 11, 2009
By: Wong Wei Chen
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Tisshh the season to be jolly. Hic!

"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock."

You bet! Christmas rocks!

While it is a time to contemplate the deeper significance behind the season, on a lighter note, ’tis also the season to be jolly, for it’s party time! And of course, with parties also come lots of goodies – and booze.

Follow some boozing tips, so that you’ll emerge from the holidays with body and reputation intact, and ready for the new year.

Don’t drink too much at the office party
Yup, it’s time to let your hair down, and revel in the festive atmosphere. The office party is a good occasion to mingle with colleagues, and break the ice with those you knew existed but whose names you could never quite remember. And if you feel up to it, it is also a fantastic opportunity to worm your way into your bosses’ good books.

The veneer of merrymaking, however, belies the fact that the office party is nonetheless a business occasion, and a certain degree of decorum is required.

So don’t drink until you lose all sense of propriety and start harassing your co-workers or insulting your boss, or throw up all over the place. Don’t harbour the impression that it’s all in good fun, and nobody will mind or remember what you did. People do mind (especially if you threw up on them), and they’ll remember what you did. And until something juicier pops up, your behaviour could very well remain the talk of the office.

If you’ve committed a boo-boo, apologise to everyone concerned. But my advice is to not even allow yourself to be in such a situation. Before you step in and take your first drink, make a pact with your significant other or close colleagues to stop one another from crossing the line. That way, come next year, people will still remember you as the dignified gentleman or lady that you were.

Win the calorie war
As much as we swear by democracy, we have to admit that not all alcohols are born equal: some just have more calories than others.

I’ve dealt with the topic of different types of booze and the calories they carry in a previous article, so I’ll be succinct. Here’s a list of alcohols ranked in order of the number of calories they carry, from lowest to highest:

Calories (approx.)
Light beer 100 calories / regular can (about 320 ml)
Draft beer 140 calories / regular can
Lager 160 calories / regular can
Ale 210 calories / regular can
Wine 100 calories / 150 ml (works out to about 213 calories / 320 ml)
Hard liquor 115 calories / 50 ml (works out to about 740 calories / 320 ml)

Obviously, controlled consumption of light beers is your best bet if you don’t want to emerge from the holidays looking like a bloated hippo.

Besides choosing the types of alcohol to imbibe, there are other ways to reduce your caloric intake. Try alternating alcoholic drinks with water; when you feel full, you naturally won’t drink so much. If your drink requires a mixer, ask for low-calorie types like diet colas and such. Last but not least, don’t drink on an empty stomach. Eating a proper meal before boozing will slow the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream, and keep you in better control of how much you imbibe.


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