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This new stuffed crust is fully loaded

SINGAPORE - Pizza Hut has launched a new pizza which comes with a new topping and stuffed crust.
Asia One - September 6, 2013
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This new stuffed crust is fully loaded

The Fully Loaded pizza is stuffed with cream cheese, minced chicken and spinach, and tastes like a creamy chicken pot pie. Tropical Hawaiian is the new topping that comes with a tangy salsa sauce.

Available till Oct 9, you can order the pizza with other toppings of your choice ($22.90 for regular) and as a meal (from $28.90 for dine-in and $26.90 for a la carte).

Pizza Hut will also be donating $1 for every a la carte or set meal purchase of the Fully Loaded pizza to World Hunger Relief.


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