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Survival tips

The apocalypse is coming.
Asia One - October 22, 2013
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Survival tips

How else do you explain Miley Cyrus' twerking or the viral music video about a girl's love for Chinese food?

This also means that our world could be in danger of being populated by the undead: Zombies.

While there are plenty of films about surviving such an outbreak, nothing out there is really of use to a modern city girl such as myself.

So here's a quick guide to staying alive... and fabulous.


You are going to need a place that provides food, protection and enough clothes to keep you looking fashionable.

Singapore has plenty of such fortresses. Yes, fellow Singaporean survivors, go hide in a shopping centre.

But forget Ion, VivoCity and other megamalls. Think small ones like Coronation Plaza in Bukit Timah.

With few entrances, it's small enough to defend, yet it's got everything you could need - a supermarket, some fashion, even a Starbucks.

Hey, a girl still needs her morning latte.


Look out for rain and collect water in big buckets. If all else fails, did anyone say NEWater?

Then again, you might have better options if you raid the right places.

It wouldn't be so bad living off champagne, would it?


It's no time to be fussy, and sushi is way off the menu.

Why not delve into durians?

The foul smell could fool zombies into thinking you are one of them.

You could also do some serious damage by dropping one on a zombie's head.

Your best bet is to go for dried food. Lucky that Singapore is the land of Maggi Mee.


Unlike most onscreen zombie outbreaks, this is not the US and guns aren't available on every street corner.

Plus they are heavy. And loud.

Next best weapon? Seeing as we are a nation of keyboard warriors - rapidly firing criticism with unreasonable rage from behind the protection of the computer - why not take your rage out on a zombie? Only this time, you literally use your keyboard to whack.

Alternatively, find a surviving local radio DJ. If zombies can be killed by destroying the brain, their witless banter is a sure-fire killer.


Hopefully a zombie apocalypse will see an end to the too-short shorts.

You girls must be used to stares but zombies are staring at you for another reason. That exposed flesh is like a bargain bucket of fried chicken to these zombies.

Time to cover up. Dig out that pair of super-comfy, super-covering mum jeans or better yet, yoga pants.

You need something that allows you to be flexible and spring into action at a moment's notice.

Most jewellery is out too. If you really need to look good, keep to stud earrings and chokers.


Zombies are sure to smell. But that doesn't mean you have to. Keep a stock of deodorant. If not, your fellow survivors may lose the will to survive.

Also, if you are out fighting zombies during the day, don't end up with skin like them - sunscreen is your friend.

There's nothing like disaster to breed a romance.

Stay moisturised.


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